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In the winery, our approach is to respect the grapes as much as possible, intervening as little as possible in the winemaking process, using no additives, apart from moderate doses of sulphur. Bottling is carried out late without fining.

Harvesting is staggered, depending on the grapes’ maturity in each vineyard.  A selection of the clusters is carried out in the vineyards and these are then transported to the winery in 15 kg crates, preventing damage to the grapes and the loss of juice.

The grapes from each vineyard are fermented separately in order to preserve their individual identity.  The grapes are pressed whole and only the must which will ferment in stainless steel is settled, but not the must which will ferment in wood.  Each vat ferments with its own yeasts, without the use of a starter culture which could homogenize the wines. 

The wood used to ferment the single parcel wines is French oak previously used at least five times and with a capacity between 400 and 2,200 litres.

The wines ferment in the barrels where they then remain on their lees until the following harvest.

We like to look for new ideas on how to produce from the past. In red wines we are returning to the traditional grape treading as a way of breaking them in a softer way, without damaging the stalk, avoiding the greenery and astringency intakes to the wines, and recovering grapes traditional blends in each plot or the use of wooden chestnut barrels

… search for wines with enjoyment in mind, wines that speak about their homeland, their origin, their climate and, why not?, about ourselves.


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